vv Baronie Paastoernooi – Onder 13

Dit seizoen vindt er op 9 en 10 april 2023 weer een Paastoernooi plaats bij vv Baronie voor de Onder 13 leeftijdscategorie (spelers geboren na 01-01-2010). Aan dat toernooi zullen 16 zeer gerenommeerde internationale clubs meedoen, zie rechts voor de logo’s van de clubs die al hebben toegezegd.

vv Baronie Cup U13

Are you interested to participate at a high level U13 football tournament during Easter? Let us know, because this is your chance to play against some quality clubs from all over the world. The Baronie Cup is organized on the 9th & 10th of April in the city of Breda, The Netherlands.
In total 16 international football teams will participate. The tournament is available for players born after 01-01-2010. The duration of the games is 2×20 minutes and each team will play 5 matches in total. All matches will be played on the latest generation artificial grass at the complex of vv Baronie. This historical amateur club has won several national championships and has a large complex with 7 football fields in total.

General information

Date: 9 & 10 April 2023
Gender: Male
Age Group: U13 (born after 01/01/2010)
Location: Breda – The Netherlands

Deelnemende teams